Winter Wheels & Tyre Sets
Winter Wheels & Tyre Sets
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1000's of Winter Tyres in stock, all makes & sizes, for all makes of vehicle. We Specialize in matching sets of used winter tyres, fitted to a new or used steel or alloy wheel.
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The Purpose of our Winter Wheel and Tyre Sets is for those wishing to 

drive their vehicles in icy conditions, such as people living in cold areas of the 

UK which experience ice or snow, or those travelling to Europe for skiing.

Although this is not law in the UK, all of us have experienced icy conditions and 

have been stuck in the snow or slid into a kerb damaging our wheels.

A spare set of Winter Wheels & Tyres would help prevent this.  

There are laws in certain countries of Europe which state you have to have 

Winter Tyres fitted to travel in their countries during winter.

We hold a large stock of Winter Wheel and Tyre Sets

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